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Need clicks? Get ad copy that generates over 3% click rates. Don’t write it yourself.. copy it directly from LeadScripts. Increase your website traffic with proven ad copy.

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Each Funnel has elements – headlines, subheadings, paragraphs, order buttons, order bumps, surveys and more. Select the Funnel page and get the copy that converts.

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Never worry about writing emails from scratch again. Solo sales emails, re-engagement emails, email sequences – last chance offers, abandoned carts and more!


Use our Generators to headlines, subheadings, paragraphs, button text, surveys, order bumps and more! No long forms. Get in and get your copy fast.

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Fill in a few fields about your company and your product or service. Are you writing copy for a client? Add their product or service. All of your scripts will automatically update. Copy or download the scripts you need. Save your products/services for future use.

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Save each script in your LeadScripts swipe file or copy and paste your scripts directly into your funnels. You can also download each script to save for later.

Funnel Scripts, Script Formulas, Email Scripts, Ad Scripts PLUS Generators for Headlines, SubHeadings, Paragraphs, Button Text, Order Bumps and more!

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Wouldn't it be awesome to get your product or service live and generating leads and sales as quickly as possible?

Customer Reviews

LeadScripts is customer-first. Our system is built some of the best business owner and marketers feedback. Built for speed and success.

Truly Amazing! -Sumo-Ling

Boom Pow Zoom.... Straight To The Moon! - That is to say you have a great product that will give FunnelScripts A Real Run For Their Money!... Truly Amazing!...

I Love This Software! Nitasha, Natural Answers

I Love This Software! I just want to say, I have just purchased and really love this software, Excellent design and ideas. Thanks a lot!!

User Reviews
A Great Solution! Sean, co-founder Revneo

If copywriting is not one of your top skills, LeadScripts is a great solution that will not only help you write top quality copy in less time, but will also save you thousands of dollars from outsourced writers and freelancers.

I Love It. It's Great! Dylan, founder WaveBreak

LeadScripts is the easiest copywriting software to use. It has great scripts and is updated every week. I love it. It's great!

Thank you LeadScripts! Henry Hoe, decisivemarketer.com

Before using LeadScripts I had no knowledge of copywriting and the skills of selling with words. The biggest problem was coming up with emails and ad copy for Facebook. After I started using LeadScripts I'm now able to write out engaging copy in minutes to finish my sales funnels. Thank you LeadScripts!

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Best Copywriting Scripts -Sumo-Ling

I always get writer's block trying to write copy for landing pages and emails but this has great templates and something they call "formulas" that you can fill in the blank. I've tried other similar products and have been unimpressed but this software looks great from a UX/UI perspective and works great. Plus it's way cheaper than hiring a copywriter. 10/10

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