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Reviews and testimonials from our amazing users located all over the world. LeadScripts is 100% user feature driven.

LeadScripts Reviews
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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.9/5

We love user feedback! All of these amazing LeadScripts reviews are from our solid community of copywriters, marketers and entrepreneurs from all over the world. With LeadScripts support 126 different languages, we empower the world to succeed with their marketing, sales, emails and blogging needs.

A professional copywriter’s view…

“Copywriting is tough. This is a huge time saver and it looks like they are going to really grow and nail this product and I can only see this getting better and better as they develop it. My advice would be to buy it. One slightly better ad or headline and you’re easily 10x your…

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It a amazing tool

“Our team and I have to create a lot of marketing content and we always spend a lot of time thinking about how to be more engaging and able to generate great results from our marketing campaign. With this amazing tool, we can create content easily and quickly. Love this amazing tool and hope to…

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Large collection of funnel scripts

“Large collection of good funnel scripts created by founder. Must have take long time create so much scripts. For those creating lot of funnels ( especially for digital products), LS will make things much faster, while improving conversions. It will be great if some scripts are added which are Subtle and Not too Salesy. (There…

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You gotta Get it…

I got this one and it is INCREDIBLE to get your copy done FAST. If it comes up again you will kick yourself (just like you should be now) for not getting it. -adoptearly

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LeadScripts is the answer you are looking for

“I purchased this deal as I frequently use copywriting tools for my side gig. I was so glad when I saw this deal and grab it straight away with both hands as you would never get this kind of tool at this price elsewhere. I love that I can use Leadscript from anywhere anytime at…

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Great alternative to funnelscripts.

Great alternative to funnelscripts.They are also focusing more on Ai generated scripts. My favorite tool is the rewriting tool because it allows 1000 characters input. -remjohn8

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Take it

“LeadScripts is an excellent Software.You get Funnelscripts, Scriptformulas, Emailscripts, Headlinegenerator, surveygenerator and much more.For the same procuct. For Funnelscript I had to pay $297 every year and at the moment they take $ 797 for a onetime price…I use it and I can recommend LeadScripts.” -Sumo-ling

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This is NOT your average content writer

“I am an SEO, so I always look for ways to shortcut production time and get a better result for my clients. I have tried just about every AI writer on AppSumo and have mostly been underwhelmed. LeadScript is different. Yes it can write content like all the others. Yes it’s pretty good (like all…

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Amazing Copywriting Engine for those tedious scripts

“This product can be helpful to just about anyone – newbies, salespeople, techies and writers – who need help when brainstorming scripts, ads, headlines, SEO meta and more! The great thing is they state their scripts are refreshed often to prevent over saturation! I’d say try it and see if it fits into your workflow.“…

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Helpful service

“I liked the service very much and it is very useful, but I wished that the Arabic language would be supported more and more widely.” -Hamad

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LeadScripts Is All You Need

“Out of all the 6 tools I use for my copywriting services, LeadScripts will be my top tool to use for all of my projects. I can’t wait to see the upcoming updates.“ – talissa

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.9/5
Our limited AppSumo deal generated a ton of positive amazing reviews and helped kick-start our launch of LeadScripts. Read reviews here.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.8/5

If you haven’t left a LeadScripts review yet, head over to Capterra to leave your amazing testimony today. We value all user feedback. Read reviews here.

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About LeadScripts

First off, we didn’t get amazing reviews for LeadScripts when we first launched. But that was just the beginning of the story.

What we got was a ton of feedback on exactly what our users wanted and what was missing from their current copywriting tools. 

These users reviews and feedback led to enhancement after enhancement. A quick year later and the story changed.

Since then we have received a ton of positive LeadScripts reviews. Our users are amazing!

We still receive a bunch of new feature requests and we read and consider every single one. 

Long story short, we’d love for you to become the next power user of LeadScripts so you can finish your marketing scripts, emails and sales pages fast… and write the next raving review!

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