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“I needed something to help with Facebook Ad copywriting focused on ecommerce for consumer products. Craig explained to me in the Questions section that there where not many of those types of scripts yet, but they are coming in the future, so I decided to check it out and get onboard. After logging in out I found out that there are some good email sequences in there so those are pretty useful for ecommerce after all, for example abandoned cart emails.

I was redesigning my website in the meantime and writing some headlines, so I tested out Leadscripts in that context, and found it was a very handy tool to spark all sorts of ideas, get me into the mindset, and provide lots of useable material. There is some work to be done on your part to fill in all the fields that will be used in your generated text, but filling those in will help you think about you product or service in a focused way.

There are a lot of different types of scripts and generators with plentiful examples for you to choose from. If you are doing lead generation or any type of course/webinar promotion you will find tons of material. I feel a lot of work has gone into collecting all the content.

Leadscripts reminds me of the functionality I have seen in some other tools that allow you to enter your keywords and then show those in the context of a Headline or Post Title suggestion, but here there is incomparably more content, examples, suggestions, types of content etc, so it’s much more fully fledged. I have my own extensive swipe files for copywriting which are great an all, but Leadscripts is another step up from a jerry rigged spreadsheet, making things more accessible and functional, plus I didn’t need to collect all the content myself.

It is a bit hit and miss with how your keywords and terms appear in context, but with a few edits you can easily fix any such issues.

If you regularly need marketing copy inspiration and like the idea of an extensive cheat sheet with its own handy interface, with the word-substitution functionality so you can see your own terms in the scripts, then Leadscripts could be just the thing to expand your toolkit.

I am surprised by the low number of reviews so far since the product is genuinely useful, has a lot of content and communication has been very responsive.”


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LeadScripts has evolved into the AI-powered copywriting engine that is because of our amazing users. Here are just a handful of the incredible reviews and feedback we have received.


High Quality Scripts

“If you’re looking for high quality, well written and optimised scripts for your website, ads copy, and many more, then LeadScripts is definitely worth checking out. It shall be noted that you must not directly take what is generated. Only you know your product best. LeadScripts give you some pointers to start with, but you…

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Brilliant product

“1. Very easy to use2. Self-explanatory3. Time saving4. New ideas5. More Leads The only thing I’m missing is exporting a product to send it to an employee to import into their workspace. Thanks a lot!” -1ron

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Add this to your copywriting stack

“I was interested in Leadscripts to help me build funnels, but I have a few other tools, so I wasn’t sure I’d need or use it. I went ahead and got one code to try it out because I love Appsumo’s return policy so no risk to play with it. (And apparently, the competitor costs…

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Swipe Files of Formulas

“I always lack of inspiration when I have to write a salespage… I have a swipe files with a lot of examples but with Leadscripts you have more than that ! Of course the tool can help you write scripts for ads, emails, sales pages but what I really like is that with it you…

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“What an amazing software!, we are very impressed of what it can generate to solve our copywriting headache!. it has so many tools andwe are still learning how to use them all, we dont know if you already have implemented: AI Rewrite + Real-time Impact Score, if not please add them to the roadmap. great…

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Very well designed and thorough!

“Have been using this for the past few weeks and the amount of templates and funnels designed and constructed within this product is phenomenal. Well pleased with this investment!” –Jerry Selvaseelan, Founder LogicalRetreat ® /

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Levels the copywriting playing field

“When I saw LeadScripts in the AppSumo store, I grabbed it without hesitation after considering other similar copywriting tools. With over 800 scripts (and counting), LeadScripts saves significant time pouring over well-known direct response copywriting formulas to cherry-pick the best copy to use in your projects. And the developers are adding more scripts and new…

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Does what it says

“I needed something to help with Facebook Ad copywriting focused on ecommerce for consumer products. Craig explained to me in the Questions section that there where not many of those types of scripts yet, but they are coming in the future, so I decided to check it out and get onboard. After logging in out…

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“LeadScripts is the perfect way to generate content when you can’t seem to come up with the right words on your own. Simply fill in a few variables and let it do all the work for you. I’ve used it multiple times in the month or so since purchasing, and it has been a great…

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“It’s nice to have this all in one place ! Congrats the dev on this. A game changer for my business and helping clients with this type of content!! Well done.” -newgearmedia

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Lead and Teach Copy-writing Scripts

“I like the timing of this product offer for several reasons… (1) It’s a simple interface and it looks and feels as if they are going for an AI approach like a lot of copywriting products/systems out there.And this LTD includes all that future functionality to come. (2) To be honest, It’s not my field…

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