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LeadScripts and Funnel Scripts are both great tools for creating copy for your website or sales funnel. However, they have different strengths. LeadScripts is great for creating copy for your website, landing pages and advertisements. LeadScripts has powerful AI that generates quality copy. Funnel Scripts offers long forms for generating scripts.

The paragraph above was generated automatically in LeadScripts using AI. (Funnel Scripts does not have AI).

What is the difference between LeadScripts and Funnel Scripts?

✔️ LeadScripts
❌ Funnel Scripts
AI (OpenAI GTP-3)
Fill-In-The-Blank Variables
Funnel Scripts
Advanced Funnel Scripts
Script Wizard
Script Formulas
Email Scripts
Ad Scripts
SEO Meta Data Scripts
Headline Generator
Sub Heading Generator
Long Time-Consuming Forms
Monthly Price
$49  $29 / month
$297 / month

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Why LeadScripts is the Best Funnel Scripts Alternative

If you are looking for an Funnel Scripts alternative then look no further. LeadScripts was founded because of what Funnel Scripts lacked. 

In Funnel Scripts, you are required to fill out long forms to generate any copy you need for your funnels.

Not with LeadScripts! You can enter your product or service details and all the scripts are automatically filled in.

Each funnel page is pre-filled with all the copy you need for each element. Just copy/paste into your funnel and you’re done. 

No more brain-freezes or getting stuck trying to generate your copy. 

In addition, LeadScripts is a great Funnel Scripts alternative because we have AI (artificial intelligence). 

Unlike Funnel Scripts, LeadScripts has AI so that you can generate an entire article simply by entering the topic!

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LeadScripts Reviews

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“LeadScripts is an excellent Software.You get Funnelscripts, Scriptformulas, Emailscripts, Headlinegenerator, surveygenerator and much more.For the same procuct. For Funnelscript I had to pay $297 every...

looking into funnel setup

“As i mentioned, I’m looking into to funnel setups and the content volume i see when buying a product can be like reading novel! ha!...
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LeadScripts AI Tools

(A great Funnel Scripts alternative – LeadScripts offers AI tools. Funnel Scripts does not have AI)

Ai Article Writer

Generate entire blog articles with one sentence.

Facebook Ad Copy

Create one-liner Facebook advertising copy.

Blog Post Outlines

Make creating new blog posts fun. Easy.

Blog Post Titles

Create one-liner Facebook advertising copy

Keywords From Text

Extract the top keywords from any paragraph of text.

Blog Post Titles

Create one-liner Facebook advertising copy

Blog Titles For Attention

Generate blog titles that attract and make people click.

Product Descriptions

Generate descriptions for your products that sell.

Product Review Generator

Generate reviews for any product with a click.

Content Rewriter

Rewrite any paragraph or piece of content.

TL;DR Summarizer

Get a summarization a paragraph of text.

Video Intro Script

Generate an intro script for your video.

Video Outro Script

Generate an outro script for your video.

Review Responder

Generate a response to a good or bad review.

Text Expander

Have LeadScripts rewrite your paragraph or sentence.

Text Rewriter

Have LeadScripts rewrite your paragraph or sentence.

Text Simplifier

Have LeadScripts simplify a sentence or paragraph.

Google Ad Headlines

Have LeadScripts generate Google Ad Headlines.

Google Ad Descriptions

Have LeadScripts generate Google Ad Descriptions.

Pinterest Pin Descriptions

Have LeadScripts generate Pinterest Pin Descriptions.

More Coming Soon!

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