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And generate leads, sell more & scale up your marketing...
Without having to be a copywriter or sales expert

Priority Access to ChatGPT4 is now INCLUDED with every LeadScripts account!

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leadscripts ai copywriting software

Imagine being able to Ask for a copywriting script and it's instantly written for you.

Easy. Ask OSCAR™ for anything and he'll write it for you.

Write me a product description for a banana

"Bananas are one of the most popular fruits in the world. They are a great source of dietary potassium, vitamin C, dietary fiber and vitamin B6. They can be eaten fresh, cooked, or dried. Bananas are often used in baking, as well as in smoothies and other dishes."

If OSCAR™ can write a product description for a banana imagine what he can do for you!

LeadScripts Man
ask ai genius oscar

OSCAR™ is Your Personal Copywriting Assistant

The easiest way to write ads, sales pages, blog posts, jokes, social posts, emails.. practically anything!

Never get stuck again. Just ask OSCAR™

Write me a product descriptions for:

Instantly have OSCAR™ write a product description for your product or service. Ask him multiple times and get multiple versions!

Write a podcast outline about:

Need an outline for a podcast? No worries. OSCAR™ will write one for you. TIP: After he writes the outline, have him write each section too!

Tell me a funny joke about:

This is so fun to ask OSCAR™ to tell jokes. You may be shocked how much of a comedian he is!

Write a Facebook Ad for:

Need an advertisement for Facebook? LeadScripts has several options to create those. Why not ask OSCAR™ as well? Try it today!

Write a love letter to my:

Lost for words when it comes to your significant other? No problem. Sound like you never have by asking OSCAR™ to write your love letter.

Write a webinar outline for:

Webinars are a lot of work. Save time and keep from getting stuck by asking OSCAR™ to write it for you!

Will I win the lottery tonight?

This is a funny one... try it today to see what OSCAR™ has to say about it.

Endless possibilities...

You can literally ask OSCAR™ anything. The possibilities are endless and inspiring!

LeadScripts is an Entrepreneur's Dream Tool

We won't lie. You may become addicted to asking OSCAR™ to write your scripts and that is why entrepreneurs love LeadScripts. They can't get enough of a great tool!

We didn't stop there...

LeadScripts Includes Everything You Need To Grow!

OSCAR ™ is just ONE (very cool 😎) part of the massive amount of tools you get in LeadScripts. LeadScripts will help you finish your funnels, emails, ads and help you grow your email list and sell more in less time. No more getting stuck when you can just ask OSCAR™!


And our sales and marketing toolbelt continues to grow. Request your favorite tool today!

LeadScripts Dashboard

Ready to Ask OSCAR™ when you'll find true love?

You may not receive the answer you're looking for but you will get amazing professional copy automatically written by OSCAR™, our copywriting superhero.

Do you get stuck writing copy, building funnels or marketing your funnels?

Not anymore! We've been there. Stuck trying to come up with an avatar or answer dozens of questions to get a simple script... It frustrated us so much we created LeadScripts so you can get amazing scripts FAST. No getting stuck. No more brain freezes.

No Sales Experience Needed

Get high converting scripts for gathering leads and making sales without sales experience. Ask OSCAR™, he'll write almost anything you ask him.

No Writing Experience Necessary

Not a writer? No problem. You can write like a pro using LeadScripts. Copy/paste your way to success with unique scripts written just for you.

Save Hours and Stop Wasting Time

Reclaim hours of time you waste writing from scratch and filling out long forms. Save your product details for instant scripts.

Amazing Support

We're here for you! Just ask the thousands of customers that we support. ❤️ Our mission is to help you succeed.

Save Tons of $$$

We get it. Money can be tight. We offer premium quality at super affordable prices. We give everyone a level playing field.

We're on Your Side

We're entirely bootstrapped. We didn't accept millions from investors. Our users direct our vision... not some vested board member.

Imagine Having An Entire Blog Article Written With Just ONE Click... Now Do It!

Getting stuck and coming up with fresh ideas has never been so easy. Tell OSCAR™ what you want the article to be about and he does the rest. ✨

Write Blog Articles 10x Faster AND With One Click!

Write Long Form Articles and Blog Posts In Less than a Minute. Our AI article writer makes it easy to write articles and blog posts. Simply enter a topic or short sentence and LeadScripts will do the rest.

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✅Magic Article Generation
LeadScripts will write the entire article for you!

Tell OSCAR™ what you want to write about and he'll write the blog outline and the  article automatically.  You are going to be amazed!

Build Your Funnels In Minutes

Get your unique funnel copy in seconds, literally, pre-filled with your product or service information. Never waste time getting stuck again.

funnel scripts

We have 21 funnels built into LeadScripts. You can instantly grab unique copy for all of your funnels... and your emails, ads, sales pages, and a bunch more too. 😉

2-Step Tripwire Funnel

Ask Campaign Funnel

Auto-Webinar Funnel

Application Funnel

Bridge Page Funnel

Homepage Funnel

Cancellation Funnel

Cancellation Funnel

Daily Deal Funnel

Invisible Funnel

Lead Magnet Funnel

Live Demo Funnel

Membership Funnel

Product Launch Funnel

Reverse Squeeze Page Funnel

Sales Letter Funnel

Squeeze Page Funnel

Summit Funnel

Survey Page Funnel

Video Sales Letter Funnel

Webinar Funnel

LeadScripts works great for...

Copywriting, funnel building and funnel marketing


Save time and money by generating the copy you need without having to hire a copywriter.

Funnel Builders

Building funnels doesn't have to be boring or hard. Grab your funnel scripts and finish your funnels fast!


Imagine having your copy 95% done for you and then all you have to do is put your amazing polish on it?!


Create ad, email and funnel copy in seconds for you and your clients. No getting stuck with our endless supply of proven copy.


Write long-form blog post articles fast with our awesome AI Article Writer. Never get stuck for an idea again! Write amazing & fast!

Anyone.. even you!

No sales or writing experience? Perfect! LeadScripts is for you. Look like both with our intuitive interface and high-converting copy.

"LeadScripts automatically crafts the right copy to help lock in paying customers"

venture beat

"Create Copy That Converts in Less Time with This Money-Saving Tool"

No sales or writing skills needed!

You’re just a click away…​

High Converting Email Scripts

Are You Leaving Leads & Money On The Table?

If you aren't using email, the #1 best tool to generate revenue, then you are!


Abandoned Cart Series

You are probably losing 70% or more of your sales from abandoned carts. Follow up with your prospects using an abandoned cart email series.


Last Chance Emails

Little things can grow your business exponentially.  Get the most out of your campaigns using a last chance email.


Lead Magnet Emails

Running a business takes a lot of time. Automation is a necessity. Automating a Lead Magnet Autoresponder is a no-brainer.


Inbox Interrupter

If you have low open and click-through rate on your emails then you need to try one of our high performing Inbox Interrupter emails.

Feedback Request 

LeadScripts has a LOT of raving reviews! We ❤️ our users! BUT, we wouldn’t have all of our reviews or feedback if we didn’t ask.


Sales Offer Solo Emails

Sell and present your offer with sales offer solo emails. Never struggle with what to write again. Send more emails and get more results.

"Create Copy That Converts in Less Time with This Money-Saving Tool"

"Write high-converting copy in minutes..."


Dozens of Email Scripts To Add To Your Swipe File

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Ask OSCAR™ to write anything!

email scripts

LeadScripts is a powerful email automation tool that can help you write emails faster and more efficiently.  LeadScripts email templates makes it easy to write professional looking emails by providing you with a wide variety of one-off emails and several email series to choose from.

Click here to learn more...

Here's What Our Amazing Users Are Saying About LeadScripts Copywriting Marketing Platform

Our fantastic community love our platform...here's what they are saying about LeadScripts

JP Adams

Outcome Strategist at Ghost Founder

"LeadScripts became my go to over everything else as soon as I got it. And the ask Oscar feature is mind blowing.

And here's what Oscar had to say:

LeadScripts is an amazing copywriting software that is constantly improving. It has amazing features that make it an essential tool for any copywriter. It is easy to use and has a wide range of features that make it a must-have for any copywriter."

David Hooper

I help you build a podcast audience.

"I love LeadScripts. It's nice to have the AI portion, but it also includes a great swipe file of proven copy that you can easily modify for your own needs. Craig is great at support and quick to respond if you need any help. It's definitely been a good tool for me."

jasper alternative
no more writers block

Colin James

No more writers block

"Writer's block? No more. When you're staring at a blank screen and getting nowhere fast. LeadScripts comes to the rescue. Input any topic and get multiple results. Save and put your own personality on to it and pass it to your SEO Dept or in my case to myself. Wonderful tool."

Joan White

I use LeadScripts every day.. Get it!

"I use LeadScripts every day to answer questions for research, re-write my notes into coherent thoughts, simplify complicated text, so it is easier to read. I haven't used the scriptwriters yet. If you write, edit or proofread this software is invaluable. Get it!"


"LeadScripts automatically crafts the right copy to help lock in paying customers"

Start writing amazing copy by simply filling in a few blanks

..or just Ask OSCAR™ to write it 😊

Speed Things Up

Take the fast track to finishing your funnels and getting your copy for your ads, emails and funnels.

Get More Done

Wear many hats in your business? LeadScripts will do the heavy lifting for your marketing and sales copy.

Stop Guessing

Our scripts are part of proven high-converting copy framework so you don't need sales or writing skills.

Grab your copy of LeadScripts now!


Get instant access! No software to install.

Starter or All Access Plan

We offer 2 plans (Starter and All Access). Click Get Started to view a side-by-side comparison and get started.

Money-Back Guarantee

Get started today and if you’re not satisfied email support@leadscripts.co and request a refund in the first 5 days.

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Get Our Proven Step-By-Step Lead Magnet Funnel and Grow Your List

Increase Your List Size By 33% In a Month*
*Results will vary… Ours was actually BETTER than that! 👍

We process your personal data as stated in our Privacy Policy. You may withdraw your consent at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any of our emails.