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Every feature in LeadScripts was born from an amazing user’s request or idea. We have some really awesome tools we’ll be adding to the copywriting engine toolbox in the upcoming phases. Have a request, let us know below!

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And we have blast off!

In our Beta Launch the primary function was to “finish your funnel” quickly without spending hours of time brainstorming about your business or answering dozens of questions. Keep it simple. Select your funnel and grab the headline, subheading, paragraph, button text, etc and get out. Finish your funnel.

✔️ Released August 2020

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Script Formulas, Email Scripts, Ad Scripts

Phase I included adding Script Funnels, Email Scripts and Ad Scripts.  It also included the variables tab. The variables tab allows you to add your product/service and save it. Using variables allows the user to save the product/service and the Script Formula automatically updates with the user’s product/service values. Email Scripts included over 10 email series and also one-off emails. Ad Scripts included several formulas including Pain, Agitate and Solution (PAS Formula),
Pain, pain, pain (PPP Formula) and several others.

✔️ Released November 2020


Automation, Automation, Automation

Phase II will include maximizing the use of the variables sidebar. Adding product/services to the sidebar will automatically update all headlines, subheadings, paragraphs, button text, surveys, bulleted lists, and order bumps. New script elements – openings, CTAs and guarantees will be added and will also include the variables automation. Show script formula toggle will be available for all script elements. MyAccount tab will allow additional subscription administration for users.

Released January 2021


Multiple Language Support, Custom Script Pad

Phase III will include support for Spanish and French (as of December 2020). It will also include an open script formula editor that will allow you to save, copy and download your own scripts you create using each script element (headline, subheadings, paragraphs, etc.) in an open editor. This release will also include Script Packs which are specialized script packages that are very niche specific.

Target Release Date: April 2021

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Feature Requests

LeadScripts is built on our awesome user’s requests and needs. We’d love to hear your feature request.