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The Fastest Way to Generate Email Scripts

LeadScripts is a powerful email automation tool that can help you write emails faster and more efficiently. 

LeadScripts email templates makes it easy to write professional looking emails by providing you with a wide variety of one-off emails and several email series to choose from.

Consider LeadScripts your end-all-be-all email generator to attract and sell your products and services.


Never Miss out On Another Sale With This Email Strategy

You are probably losing 70% or more of your sales from abandoned carts. Follow up with your prospects using an abandoned cart email series.

Grow Your List And Sell More

LeadScripts Wizard Generates Emails

There are several ways to generate emails in LeadScripts. 

Answer a few questions in our Script Wizard to generate:

✅ Lead Magnet Emails

✅ Welcome Onboarding Emails

✅ Lead Magnet Series Emails

✅ Abandoned Cart Email Series


User Variables (Products/Services)

Use Email Series to Automate Your Email Marketing

LeadScripts has several ways to generate Abandoned Cart Series. Never miss another sale because of an abandoned cart.

Need to reach out to a fresh new prospect but not sure how? Use the Cold Outreach Series to ensure your emails get opened and replied to.

Take your business to the next level with  solid Onboarding Email Series and grow exponentially by reaching out to new partners using the Partnership Email Series.

Automate Your New Lead Magnet Funnel

Use the Lead Magnet Autoresponder To Save Time

Running a business takes a lot of time. Automation is a necessity.

Automating a Lead Magnet Autoresponder is a no-brainer.

Use these emails when your new lead signs up to your email list. 

LeadScripts Email Generator will write your emails for you.


Are you Wasting New Opportunities for Massive Growth?

Last Chance Emails drive up sales more than you think. Grab one and try it with your email list.

Guide your customers to their next purchase with a Next-Step Email.

Both the Last Chance Emails and Next-Step Emails are pre-written in LeadScripts for you.

They are ready for you to grab and use instantly.

Ready to save time, get great copy and join the party?

Get started now and get more done

Having a Hard Time Getting Your Emails Read and Clicked On?

If you have low open and click-through rate on your emails then you need to try one of our high performing Inbox Interrupter emails.

You will get higher read rates and more people clicking on your links in your emails.


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“LeadScripts is an excellent Software.You get Funnelscripts, Scriptformulas, Emailscripts, Headlinegenerator, surveygenerator and much more.For the same procuct. For Funnelscript I had to pay $297 every...
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