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Here's What Our customers Are Saying

Our amazing customers are loving us, here's what they are saying

“It’s nice to have this all in one place ! Congrats the dev on this. A game changer for my business and helping clients with this type of content!! Well done.”




“I’ve purchased a number of these sales script software’s. LeadScripts is by far the most robust of any that I have purchased. Not the same ole “Copy & Paste” where they all have seemed to use the same sales docs, yet just adding them to a different platform. This is not only a unique platform, but unique sales data around the board. Kudos Craig.. Well done.”


Everything it’s claimed to be…


“LeadScripts is an excellent Software.

You get Funnelscripts, Scriptformulas, Emailscripts, Headlinegenerator, surveygenerator and much more.

For the same product. For Funnelscript I had to pay $297 every year and at the moment they take $ 797 for a onetime price...

I use it and I can recommend LeadScripts.”


Take it!!!

Wilfriend Bechtle


This saves me sooo much time to get things started. I can take the raw output and run with it if I have no time or tweak it for my Tribe.

Highly recommend and glad I have this tool.”


Time == Money


“LeadScripts has given me the best modern sales page copy— all with a fill-in-the-blank copywriting engine and the all-new custom product user variables.

When it’s time to set the goals for the next cycle, we will move forward. Growing, making more money, experiencing more freedom, helping more people, and having more fun. We’re going to generate copy instantly without wasting time being writers.

And with LeadScripts, I’ve got a nearly bottomless well of Sales, Emails, and Ad Scripts That Convert. In the past, I could only dream of easily signing clients… with top-flight examples of winning sales pitches.

This is because I’ve deliberately systemized every aspect of saving time, scoring more sales, and getting more customers.

Here’s the part LeadScripts AI didn’t generate... Their customer service is world-class! So when they ask for a review, I’m happy to generate one.

Get LeadScripts!”


LeadScripts Earned My Loyalty

Bob Rosen

“1. Very easy to use

2. Self-explanatory

3. Time saving

4. New ideas

5. More Leads

The only thing I’m missing is exporting a product to send it to an employee to import into their workspace.

Thanks a lot!”


Brilliant product


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