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The Best & Fastest Way to Generate Funnel Scripts

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No long forms or getting stuck creating avatars

The Fastest Way to Generate Funnel Scripts

Finishing funnels is a major pain and can take hours of your time. The other guys require you to answer a ton of questions and create  customer avatars. It sounds good and right but it takes forever and it’s NEVER perfect. It’s a guessing game. 

The truth is, you have to test your headlines, your sub headings, your paragraphs… all of it. You won’t know what works until you get the funnel live and start testing.

LeadScripts was founded for this very reason. No more wasted time. No more creating useless avatars. No more long forms that get you stuck. 

LeadScripts Funnel Scripts includes over 20 funnels that are automatically updated  with your product or service.

No more retyping the same answers every time you want your website copy for a new funnel. Simply select Funnel Scripts -> then the type of funnel -> and then grab the funnel elements you need. Done!

Here's how it works...

How to Finish a Funnel in Less Than a Minute

LeadScripts Funnel Scripts is the best and fastest way to finish your funnel website copy.

STEP 1:  Add Product or Service Details

Enter Your Product or Service Details

In LeadScripts you can save your product or service and all of the scripts are automatically updated.

When you first sign up for LeadScripts we ask a few questions to get started.  (You can skip it)

On the inside you can add/update a product or service by going to My Products under YOUR STUFF.


There are several ways to update products.

User Variables (Products/Services)

How to Update Your Product or Service in Funnel Scripts

You can also update your product or service in any of the funnel scripts. 

Change the user variable for the product or service and the scripts will automatically be updated. 

No need to fill out a long questionnaire like other software.

You’ll save so much time and be able to get to market with your product or service in minutes.

Have multiple products/services? No problem!

In Funnel Scripts you can select the product from the dropdown and all of the scripts automatically update!

STEP 2: Select the Funnel Script Elements you want

Build Your Funnel Copy With a Click

In Funnel Scripts you can add each Funnel Element to the writing pad to build your funnel copy. 

It’s as simple as selecting the Heading, Sub Heading and Button Text for a Lead Magnet Funnel.

You can toggle the Formula switch to make sure your product detail is exactly what the script needs too.

LeadScripts Writing Pad

Edit or Export Your Script in the Writing Pad for Your Funnel

In our Writing Pad you can edit your script or copy/export it as you wish. 

The writing pad isn’t meant to be the be all/end all editor. It’s perfect for building your scripts to copy out to your funnel software.

You can add multiple versions of your funnel scripts to the same writing pad and save them for later to test in your funnel.

Ready to save time, get great copy and join the party?

Get started now and get more done

Each Funnel Includes All Funnel Elements and Pages

Select a funnel and LeadScripts has all of the pages and all of the page elements ready for you to select.

No more guessing which elements you need for your funnel scripts.

Everything is nicely organized to save time and get your copy for your funnels fast.


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“LeadScripts is our go-to app for amazing winning funnel creation that never fails us and they are constantly upgrading with exciting new features.” -garygpd

Best Copywriting Tool

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What are the Differences Between LeadScripts and Funnel Scripts Software

LeadScripts is a powerful AI-powered copywriting engine custom application that allows you to finish your funnels fast with professional compelling copy. Funnel Scripts is built on WordPress and requires long forms to be completed before any copy is displayed. To see a complete comparison check out LeadScripts vs Funnel Scripts.

Your next funnel could be done in the next 2 minutes.

Imagine publishing a new funnel just moments from now. Generate your funnel scripts now.

Funnel Scripts Tools

LeadScripts has every element of every funnel.

2-Step Tripwire Funnel

Generate copy for 2-step order and downsell pages.

Application Funnel

Generate copy for application, reverse squeeze and thank you pages.

Ask Campaign Funnel

Generate copy for ask and thank you pages.

Autowebinar Funnel

Generate copy for indoctrination, webinar broadcast room, plus more pages.

Bridge Page Funnel

Generate copy for bridge and squeeze pages.

Cancellation Funnel

Generate copy for article and survey pages.

Daily Deal Funnel

Generate copy for 2-step order and share pages.

Hero Funnel

Generate copy for hero and thank you pages.

Homepage Funnel

Generate copy for home and thank you pages.

Invisible Funnel

Generate copy for offer wall, upsell (OTO), VSL, etc pages.

Lead Magnet Funnel

Generate copy for lead magnet and thank you pages.

Live Demo Funnel

Generate copy for live demo and thank you pages.

Membership Funnel

Generate copy for offer wall, VSL, etc pages.

Product Launch Funnel

Generate copy for product launch order, etc pages.

Reverse Squeeze Page Funnel

Generate copy for reverse squeeze and thank you pages.

Sales Letter Funnel

Generate copy for downsell, offer wall, etc pages.

Squeeze Page Funnel

Generate copy for squeeze and thank you pages.

Summit Funnel

Generate copy for sales letter, share, etc pages.

Survey Page Funnel

Generate copy for survey page.

Video Sales Letter Funnel

Generate copy for downsell, offer wall, etc pages.

Webinar Funnel

Generate copy for indoctrination, webinar confirmation, etc pages.

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