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Copywriting is Hard ...

Good copy takes years to master…

It’s also super important. Words are money, subscribers, growth… success. (and the opposite.. wasted time, wasted money… failure!)

Words are only part of the equation.

The copywriting formulas and strategies are the 2nd key element to success.

Horrible products sell out using the right words and strategies. 

Great products, on the other hand, fail and collect dust because of wrong words or formulas.

With LeadScripts you get proven copy that converts


LeadScripts to the Rescue! (we got ya!)

LeadScripts is so much more than just an “AI Copywriting” tool like the others.

Generating copy using AI is great but… what about proven strategies that convert or the frameworks that get your funnels, ads and emails (um… all of the copy you need!) finished in a fraction of the time?

LeadScripts has the AI the “other” tools have plus the strategy and framework.

See for yourself

It's super-easy & the fastest way to write!

In just 2 steps, you'll have the words for your funnels, sales pages and ads!


1. Enter Your Product Details

Fill in a few fields about your company and your product or service. 

Are you writing copy for a client? 

Add their product or service. All of your scripts will automatically update. Copy or download the scripts you need. Save your products/services for future use.

2. Download Your Scripts

... or save them to your swipe file
... or copy and paste them where you wish

Save each script in your LeadScripts swipe file or copy and paste your scripts directly into your funnels. You can also download each script to save for later.

Funnel Scripts, Script Formulas, Email Scripts, Ad Scripts PLUS Generators for Headlines, SubHeadings, Paragraphs, Button Text, Order Bumps and more!

LeadScripts is your #1 copywriting tool

Whenever you want to crank-out high-converting marketing copy

LeadScripts works great for...


Save time and money by generating the copy you need without having to hire a copywriter.

Funnel Builders

Building funnels doesn't have to be boring or hard. Grab your funnel scripts and finish your funnels fast!


Imagine having your copy 95% done for you and then all you have to do is put your amazing polish on it?!


Create ad, email and funnel copy in seconds for you and your clients. No getting stuck with our endless supply of proven copy.


Write long-form blog post articles fast with our awesome AI Article Writer. Never get stuck for an idea again! Write amazing & fast!

Anyone.. even you!

No sales or writing experience? Perfect! LeadScripts is for you. Look like both with our intuitive interface and high-converting copy.

No sales or writing skills needed!

You’re just a click away…​

Start writing amazing copy by simply filling in a few blanks

Speed Things Up

Take the fast track to finishing your funnels and getting your copy for your ads, emails and funnels.

Get More Done

Wear many hats in your business? LeadScripts will do the heavy lifting for your marketing and sales copy.

Stop Guessing

Our scripts are part of proven high-converting copy framework so you don't need sales or writing skills.

You'll love LeadScripts like our 3,000+ users!

Great alternative to funnelscripts.
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Great alternative to funnelscripts. They are also focusing more on Ai generated scripts. My favorite tool is the rewriting tool because it allows 1000 characters input. Get the two codes you won't regret it.
LeadScripts Is All You Need
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Out of all the 6 tools I use for my copywriting services, LeadScripts will be my top tool to use for all of my projects. I can't wait to see the upcoming updates.
It a amazing tool
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Our team and I have to create a lot of marketing content and we always spend a lot of time thinking about how to be more engaging and able to generate great results from our marketing campaign. With this amazing tool, we can create content easily and quickly. Love this amazing tool and hope to see more feature in the future.
Best AI writer I have bought so far!
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I do a lot of editing of other peoples work and I have used the Content Rewriter extensively for this since I bought LeadScripts a couple of weeks ago. It is so smooth and quick. I get bright fresh content back from some pretty vague sentences I put in there, lol.
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its nice to have this all in one place ! Congrats the dev on this. A game changer for my business and helping clients with this type of content!! Well done
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What an amazing software!, we are very impressed of what it can generate to solve our copywriting headache!. it has so many tools and we are still learning how to use them all. Great job!!

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Create all of your marketing copy... even if you have no writing or sales skills

Regardless if you’re trying to grow your email list or sell a product, you need compelling words that are going to convert. 

You need more than words…

Strategy and framework are absolutely critical but don’t worry!

LeadScripts has proven strategies and the framework in place so that you can look like a marketing genius even if you have no sales or writing skills. 

Grab your copy of LeadScripts now!

Get instant access! No software to install.

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