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Our AI article writer makes it easy to write articles and blog posts. Simply enter a topic or short sentence and LeadScripts will do the rest.


The Fastest Way to Write Blog Posts and Articles

Writing blog posts can be a real pain. Coming up with ideas and getting started is hard.

Having a blog is important but it takes a lot of time to write articles. It’s also really hard if you’re not a writer.

LeadScripts to the rescue. No getting stuck, wasting time or worrying about writing from scratch again.


Here's how it works...

How To Write A Blog Post With LeadScripts AI

LeadScripts AI Article Writer makes it super easy to write blog posts. 


Enter a Subject for LeadScripts to Generate a Blog Outline

No longer do you need to brainstorm for hours trying to write blog posts or articles.

Just enter an article topic or short sentence and LeadScripts will do the rest.

LeadScripts AI will build an article outline that you can customize before your article gets written.



Customize the Blog Outline (if you want)

Your blog outline is the meat and potatoes of the AI article writer.

It can be customized as you wish before LeadScripts does the heavy lifting.

You can even replace all of the blog outline with your own list if you are inspired to write something else.

LeadScripts will write your article using the blog outline.

Just hit the “Write Blog From Outline” button and watch the magic happen!

STEP 3: (Sorry no step 3… LeadScripts AI Article Writer is finished.)

LeadScripts AI Article Writer Delivers Your New Article

Using LeadScripts AI Article Writer is as simple as that. You supply a topic… we generate a blog outline, then you customize and generate your article. 

Even better, you can do even more in the editor. Your new article can be updated, copied, saved to your swipe file and downloaded.

But it doesn’t end there!

You can highlight any text and right-click to “Expand”, “Rewrite” or “Simply” any text in your document.

Ready to save time, get great copy and join the party?

Get started now and get more done

ai article writer LeadScripts testimonial

I am impressed!!

Wow, that is the word I have to say. I just purchased LeadScripts, and I am impressed. I have only used one feature, the article generator, which exceeded my expectations. The software was easy to use and understand. The article generator created a fantastic blog post for our website.

Worth having

I have been using LeadScripts for a while now. I love the way it generates Funnels. Now they have added AI functionality, I honestly didn’t care at first because I already had other AI tools, I bought and used most of the AI tools on the market. The new Article Writer function amazed me. It can generate the first draft with one click, and the output quality is amazing. (The speed is very fast, unlike some software that waits for a long time)

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And The Fun Doesn't Stop Here...

Once in the editor you can write until your heart's content!

LeadScripts gets you started by writing your article for you so you don’t have to struggle coming up with new ideas or writing from scratch.

At this point, you have most, if not all, of your article already written. 

All that’s left is for you is to write more, touch it up or save it to your swipe file.

LeadScripts Text Tools

Easily expand, rewrite or simplify any text in your newly created article using our text tools.

ai writer text tools

* These tools are also available under the AI Scripts menu item so you can use them anytime you need.

Full Editing tools

Export to PDF, export, bold, align, copy, save to swipe file.. You name it the tool is probably in there.

Right-Click toolbar

Highlight any text in the editor and right-click to show the toolbar where you can expand, rewrite or simplify any text.

Auto-Save Feature

The built-in auto-save feature saves you from losing any great copy you've generated.

Works for all niches

Whatever your niche is, LeadScripts can handle writing your blog article for you. Enter the topic and go!

Auto-Save Saves The Day!

leadscripts ai writer autosave

Your next article could be done in the next 2 minutes.​

Imagine publishing a new blog post just moments from now. Generate your new article now.

But Wait! There's More...

Magic Article Generation

Automatic AI Article Writer


Check the Magic Article Generation and LeadScripts will write the entire article for you!

Tell it what you want to write about and LeadScripts will write the blog outline and article automatically

You are going to be amazed!

Extremely Satisfied!

I am not a writer, so I hope this LeadScripts is going to be useful to me. So far I have only started to watch all of the training videos, and played around with the Article Writer. The articles written do not look AI generated as the flow is very natural and easy to read. I am extremely with my purchase and plan to use as many of the scripts as possible in the near future.
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