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With our fill-in-the-blank copywriting engine, super-charged by powerful AI, you can finish your sales pages, emails, ads and funnels fast!

Now supporting 126 different languages!

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How Does LeadScripts Work?

Generate Words That Sell In Two Easy Steps


1. Enter Your Product Details

... or your Service Details

Fill in a few fields about your company and your product or service. Are you writing copy for a client? Add their product or service. All of your scripts will automatically update. Copy or download the scripts you need. Save your products/services for future use.

2. Download Your Scripts

... or save them to your swipe file
... or copy and paste them where you wish

Save each script in your LeadScripts swipe file or copy and paste your scripts directly into your funnels. You can also download each script to save for later.

Funnel Scripts, Script Formulas, Email Scripts, Ad Scripts PLUS Generators for Headlines, SubHeadings, Paragraphs, Button Text, Order Bumps and more!

Sound Familiar?

Do you wear many hats or are you all alone left to do all of your marketing, emails, ads and funnel pages by yourself?

Do you need help writing content for your emails and content?

Don't have time to learn and start from scratch?

Do you want to quickly test offers?

Don't have a lot of spare time to spend on your side hustle?

Interested in using proven copywriting frameworks that take years to master?

First, the Bad News:

Copywriting (the words in your emails, ads, webpage funnels, etc) is HARD. It takes years to master.

It’s also super important. Words are money, subscribers, growth… success. (or wasted time, wasted money… failure if used wrong).

Words are only part of the equation.

The copywriting formulas and strategies are the 2nd key element to success.

Use the right words with the wrong formula… failure.

Use the right formula/strategy with the wrong words… failure.

This is true whether you’re simply trying to grow your email list or you simply want to sell your products online.

You can have the best product in the world but if the words on your website, emails or ads are wrong it won’t matter.

Horrible products sell out using the right words and strategies. 

Great products, on the other hand, fail and collect dust because of wrong words and formulas.

Words (copy) is the most important part of marketing your product or service but it’s just one part of the equation.


Enter LeadScripts...

LeadScripts is a fill-in-the-blank copywriting engine super-charged by advanced AI.

LeadScripts has proven frameworks to generate all the content you need for your funnels, sales letters, emails and more!

The best part… No long forms, brain freezes, useless AI copy, or getting stuck in a rut.

Simply enter a few details about your product or service and LeadScripts generates unique marketing copy for your pages, emails and ads immediately.

Increase your sales and grow your email lists using proven copywriting formulas.. all built into LeadScripts.

Save the copy to your LeadScripts’ swipe file for future use.

Save hours of time without ever writing copy from scratch again… and get results because you’re following proven strategies.

How to Finish Your Funnel In Minutes

Front of funnel through the backend, LeadScripts has the copy you need.

AI Scripts

Never get stuck for an idea again. Use artificial intelligence to easily generate ideas to get your copy started and finished.

Script Wizard

If answering questions to generate your scripts is your thing then do that in LeadScripts. Answer a few questions and save or download your scripts.

Script Formulas

Finish all the copy in your page using our user variables and script formulas. Fill in your product or service info and then download the completed script.

Funnel Scripts

Each Funnel has elements – headlines, subheadings, paragraphs, order buttons, order bumps, surveys and more. Select the Funnel page and get the copy that converts.

Ad Scripts

Need clicks? Get ad copy that generates over 3% click rates. Don’t write it yourself.. copy it directly from LeadScripts. Increase your website traffic with proven ad copy.

SEO Meta Data

Instantly generate dozens of SEO meta data for your pages using the same product/service details you entered for your other scripts. Seamless, easy and a huge time saver.

Email Scripts

Never worry about writing emails from scratch again. Solo sales emails, re-engagement emails, email sequences – last chance offers, abandoned carts and more!


Use our Generators to headlines, subheadings, paragraphs, button text, surveys, order bumps and more! No long forms. Get in and get your copy fast.

Complete your Funnels in 2 Easy Steps

No Setup. No Code. No more excuses. Get it done.

Funnel Scripts

Select the Funnel then Download your Scripts

Funnel Scripts

Step 1: Choose Your Funnel

No more guessing which script to use. We have all the most popular funnels. You just select the funnel type and we’ll walk you through the rest

For example, let’s say you need to finish your Squeeze Page Funnel. Click on “Lead Magnet Funnel” from the menu. Then choose which page in the funnel you want to finish.

Step 2: Customize Script

After you choose which Funnel Page you need we’ll give you customizable scripts for each element included on that page.

We include all the funnels you need to get up and running. All you have to do is fill in the blanks.

Add your favorite page elements to the writing pad. Tweak it, save it, copy it, export it, print it and use it in your funnel pages.

LeadScripts Writing Pad

Complete Your Funnels in 2-Easy Steps

No Setup. No Code. No More Excuses. Get It Done.

LeadScripts Pricing

Nothing to install. Just sign up and login!

LeadScripts copywriting engine is the fastest and easiest way to finish funnels and generate sales copy.

Script Formulas

Pre-made scripts that are unique based on your info. Each Script Formula pre-populates with your product or service details. Everything is totally customizable.

LeadScripts Toggle Formula

Easily Toggle Script Formulas

Instantly Update Each Script On Each Key Stroke

See your funnel scripts as you type. Not sure what formula variable you need? No problem… just click the button to show each formula. No worries, you won’t lose your hard work. Just click the button again to see your work! Copywriting at it’s very best!

.. OR Just Click and Type to Update


.. and copy, download or save to your LeadScripts swipe file

Email Scripts

Never write an email from scratch again. Customize and Go!


LeadScripts Features Continued...

The number one goal of LeadScripts is ease of use and simplification.
Choose the Funnel, Customize the Scripts and That's it!


Built for sales and lead Funnels. Not overrun with generic scripts that will never get used. Simple and to the point.


Over 20 Funnels. We have you covered. Pick a funnel, grab the copy. Done.


No complicated long forms to fill out. Just a beautiful user interface to grab what you want when you need it.


Get the best scripts that work. Proven scripts that are easily customized for your business.


Our custom coded system allows us to update LeadScripts every day. Coded by professionals for marketers.

No Contracts

Only need LeadScripts for a month? Cool. Buy a month and then cancel your account. We understand

We regularly add new scripts to keep the scripts fresh. This is especially important if you are in an over saturated marketplace. What works now may not work in a few months.

If a template that you like is missing let us know and we can add it.

Ad Scripts

Need ad clicks? Want higher CTRs?
Copy and Paste directly from LeadScripts.


Ready? Let's Get Started!

Leverage The
Greatest Copywriters

In LeadScripts we took the best of the best copywriting legends and included winning sales formulas in the copywriting engine. Relevant current copy in a rapidly changing marketing world.

All you need to do is customize each script with a few words to match your product or service.

Save Time And Stay Out Of Copywriting Ruts

It’s as easy as filling in a blank.

No questionnaires. No risk of hiring freelancers. No writer’s block. Just fill in the blank.

Get instant copy to test immediately.

No need to overthink it anymore.

The Best Marketers Say The Same Thing:
You Have to TEST, TEST, TEST

Is it really that easy? You will never know until you test your copy… regardless of where you get it.

And that’s why we include multiple options for each part of the funnel. You can even refresh the scripts with a click of a button.

Our copywriting engine generates Headlines, Subheadings, Paragraphs, Button Text, Order Bumps, Surveys and more!

Over 20+ Funnels Included

LeadScripts includes every Funnel you need.

Complete your Funnels in 2 Easy Steps

No Setup. No Code. No more excuses. Get it done.

We help a LOT of people but
LeadScripts isn't for everyone...

Some of these may seem funny or strange to see… but, we have to point out that LeadScripts is not the solution for everyone and we don’t intend to be.