3 Headline Mistakes

If you write your own copy for your funnel pages, ads, or emails you probably want leads and conversions.

It’s no surprise that It all starts with your headlines in your ads and if clicked, then the headlines on your landing pages. Then, in your email sequences your subject lines (headlines) will get your email opened, put in spam or ignored.

Not all Headlines are created equal.

Over the top, sensationalized and generic copy does not convert. Even if you are lucky, it converts at a very, very low rate. 
In fact, 80% of small business and new funnel builders make these 3 common headline mistakes
Don’t be alarmed. We’ll fix these common headline mistakes so you can increase your click through rates (CTR) and ultimately increase your leads and conversions as well.
Let’s look at the root of the problem with bad headlines… 

Mistake #1: Headline is Too Generic

i.e. "We Offer The Solution To Your Problem"

This seems like a very obvious mistake but it is, by far, the biggest mistake non-copywriting professionals use. 

The Fix: Be specific – What is the problem and solution?
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Headline Formula: [DESIRED RESULT] – Without [THE PROBLEM]
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Mistake #2: Headline Says Too Much

i.e. "Our All-In-One Done-For-You Copywriting Engine will Save You Time, Generate a Bunch of Hot Leads and Finish All of Your Email, Ad and Funnel Web Page Copy In Minutes..."

If one good thing came out of twitter.. it would be that it forced you to choose your words very carefully. Headline mistake #2 is sharing too much. Although your headline may be true, it’s too much information. Headlines should never become mini paragraphs.

The Fix: Get to the point – think short and sweet.
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Headline Formula: How to [SOLUTION] that Get More [DESIRED RESULT] with [COMPANY NAME]
How to Generate Headlines that Get More Leads and Conversions with LeadScripts

Mistake #3: Headline Lacks Curiosity

i.e. "How to Be Your Own Boss."

Curiosity killed the cat. Humans are no different. Curiosity is great bait for attracting attention and getting clicks. While not required to make a headline great, it will definitely help your cause when used properly.

The Fix: Be a tease.. not overly annoying.. just enough to pique the interest of the user. 
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Headline Formula: The #1 Mistake [AUDIENCE] Make When [PRODUCT NICHE]
The #1 Mistake Small Business Owners Make When Writing Headlines

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